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Engine block

The engine block is the main body of the automobile engine. It integrates all cylinders and the crankcase into a whole and is the supporting frame of piston, crankshaft and other parts and accessories. The material of engine block generally includes cast iron and aluminum alloy, and is now gradually shifting from cast iron to aluminum alloy. It has a host of advantages including light weight, good cooling performance, fuel economy and environmental protection, etc.

The aluminum alloy blocks produced by Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Shanghai Nonferrous Components Co., Ltd. boasts its high pressure die casting, low pressure sand casting and other mainstream block casting technology. It uses advanced Swiss Buehler full automatic closed high pressure die casting machine; the product covers three-cylinder, four-cylinder and linerless engine block; it applies vacuum die casting and other advanced casting technology and optical spectrometer, X detector, magnetic detection, CT scanning and three coordinate measuring equipment. At present, the block product technology and quality are of domestic first-class and world leading level.

Cylinder head

The cylinder head is a box-shaped part with complicated structure. It is designed with inlet and outlet valve seat holes, valve guide hole, spark plug mounting hole (gasoline engine) or injector installation hole (diesel engine). In the cylinder head, it is casted with a water jacket, inlet and outlet ports and combustion chamber or part of combustion chamber. If the camshaft is mounted on the cylinder head, the cylinder head is also installed with a cam bearing hole or a cam bearing seat and its lubricating oil path.

The aluminum alloy cylinder head produced by Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Shanghai Nonferrous Components Co., Ltd. has all the production process of low-pressure permanent mold casting, gravity permanent mold casting and low-pressure sand casting. The products include two-valve, four-valve, five-valve high strength cylinder head, integrated exhaust manifold cylinder head, stratified fuel direct injection cylinder head and other types of products. It uses full automatic pouring machine and casting machine, the inorganic binder sand core technology, and the product testing means include spectrometer, X ray detector, Light Thru technology, flow detection, endoscopy and three coordinates, etc. At present, the technology and quality of cylinder head products are of domestic first-class and world leading level.

Structural parts

The component that is of a certain shape and can bear the load is called a structural part. In the automobile body, many structural parts are installed on the joints of the body structure and connected with other components to form a high strength frame which is resistant to deformation. Such structural parts are usually featured in big size, thin wall and complex structure, etc. Most of such automotive structural parts are made of iron or steel material before, and now the material is shifting to the direction of light aluminum alloy according to the requirements of lightweight.

The aluminum alloy structural parts produced by Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Shanghai Nonferrous Components Co., Ltd. use the global advanced Swiss Buehler large high pressure die casting machine, and the design adopts the full automatic and closed casting island production mode with efficient linkage. The products cover the structural parts including high strength shock absorber, shock absorber bracket and long axis bearing beam. The development applies the vacuum die casting, squeezing technology and other advanced die-casting technology and develops the heat treatment process applicable to die casting parts. The product testing means include spectrometer, X ray detector, GOM blue scan and three coordinates, etc. KPSNC is the first company to realize the series production of structural parts domestically. At present, the production process and quality of structural parts are of domestic first-class and world leading level.

Housing / cover

The housing, a matching part of the automobile, is a housing structure used for installing the gear mechanism and accessories. Its main features include:
1) Support and contain a variety of gear parts such as gears, shafts and bearings, etc., so that they can maintain a normal movement relationship and progress;
2) The safety protection and sealing function can protect the parts of the housing from the influence of the external environment. It can protect the operator's life safety and has a certain vibration isolation, thermal insulation and sound insulation effect. According to the requirement of automobile lightweight, the housing material of transmission is mostly made of cast aluminum alloy.
The housing produced by Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Shanghai Nonferrous Components Co., Ltd. adopts high-pressure vacuum die casting technology. It uses the world's leading Swiss Buehler large high pressure die casting machine and adeptly applies advanced die casting technology. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of precision machining, the five axis machining center that adopts German ultra high precision double spindle achieves the full automatic pick-up, processing and circulation. Besides, it uses vacuum high pressure washing machine and automatic deburring so that the cleanliness can achieve the leading level of the same industry. The product testing means include spectrometer, X ray detector, cleanliness testing equipment and Zeiss three coordinates, etc. At present, the process and quality of housing products are of domestic first-class and world leading level.
The housings of aluminum alloy gear and torque converter have the characteristics of light weight and high strength. The company's products cover the Audi gear housing and universal torque converter housing. The products need to undergo precision processing and have high requirements on the control of product quality and size, so the international advanced high pressure vacuum casting and imported dual spindle machining center are adopted to make the quality of products reach a leading position in China.

Chassis parts

The auxiliary bracket is a large hollow thin-wall casting piece which has considerable casting difficulty. In order to ensure the quality of the product, a new type of low pressure pouring technology is needed. The successful development of this type of auxiliary bracket marks that our company has mastered the advanced casting technology in this field.

New energy automotive parts

The battery tray is a component used to carry large battery group for new energy vehicles. It has the features of large size, overall thin wall and high requirement in strength of parts, corrosion resistance and sealing. It needs to adopt ultra large die casting equipment and special heat treatment process. The research and development of this type of parts reflects the technical strength of our company in the research and manufacturing of large aluminum alloy parts.

The motor housing has the characteristics of complicated structure and high forming difficulty. It needs to adopt low-pressure sand casting and combined processing and other complicated technology. At the time of trial production, our company adopts advanced 3D printing technology to produce sand core, which not only reduces the cost of trial production, but also shortens the development cycle of the project.

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