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Technical ability

The technical team of KPSNC adheres to the concept of innovation drive and scientific development. Through referring to, digesting and absorbing domestic and foreign advanced design theory and practice, they constantly grasp advanced technology of the industry, form the core competitiveness with innovative and independent intellectual property rights in the research and development field of aluminum alloy casting products, and share technology and experience with customers.

Introduction of technical ability

Main products: Develop cylinder head, engine block, structural parts, housing / cover, chassis parts and new energy automotive parts as the leading business for the company's development, and actively expand new products with market potential such as new energy vehicles.
Production technology: The company has world-class technology and equipment in terms of high pressure die casting, gravity casting, low pressure casting, low pressure sand casting, machining, mold manufacturing, inorganic binder core and product testing.
Development technology: The company has a variety of mainstream development software from CAD, CAE to CAM. It cooperates with the German company to establish a unified global development process, unified development platform, unified development tools, expands the global market and has the ability to participate in the simultaneous development of products.

Quality assurance capability

Introduction of quality system Since the year 2002, the company has established the quality management system combined with the actual situation of the company, prepares the Quality Manual according to the system standards and provides the company's quality policy and target in accordance with the ISO/TS16949 requirements issued by international standardization organization. In combination with the quality manual, the company has also established strict quality system procedure documents to ensure the implementation of quality policy and achievement of quality objectives and make the quality assurance throughout all the links from the early period of project to the after-sale customer service. The company received the corresponding ISO/TS16949 certificate for the first time in 2003, which continues to be effective. After years of effective operation and expansion of the scale, the company has set up a strong quality management team responsible for the implementation of the quality policy and quality objectives, maintenance of the effective operation of the quality system, control of product quality, continuous improvement of the quality of products and services as well as the organization, coordination and supervision of the implementation of quality system. Currently, the scope of the quality system certification covers the headquarters of Shanghai headquarters, Yantai company, Kunshan company, Anting company and Waging base. On the basis of lean production and GM advanced quality assurance system, the company has established a KPS system with its own characteristics. Besides, through continuous benchmarking and continuous improvement, the company passed the SAIC-GM universal QSB review and repeatedly received the class-A suppliers title from FAW Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC Motor and other customers.

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